• Learn the wisdoms of this world through the adventures of Ggomi and his friends
  • Accident underneath Jun’s Bed!
    Team, let’s go!
  • High tech robots with the wild nature and reflexes of animals

Creating is our business

At Popcorn Pictures, our aim is to inspire lives through characters, stories and images, and to create only the best quality animation that will stand the test of time. With equal parts passion and talent, our producers and artists are producing animation that will let you envision your hopes and dreams.
With over 20 years of planning and production know-how, we have created a production pipeline capable of mass-production of both television and full-length animation. Through the establishment of Cola Pictures, gathering our concept artists, writers and planners, we continue to strive towards producing our own animation projectts from start to finish.

Creative people & space

Popcorn Pictures is a 3D animation study located in the heart of trendy Seoul. In our creative spaces we produce both our own animation as well as animation for external projects. We have received recognition both domestically and abroad for our production quality. Through the establishment of Cola Pictures, gathering our planners, writers and concept artists, we have fine tuned and improved our production pipeline. With more than 20 years of combined experience in 3D-animation, we have partnered up and are collaborating with leading animation contents companies in Korea, such as EBS, Young Toys, Yellow Green and Choirock Contents Factory.

Together we grow

With our motto ‘Growing Together’, Popcorn Pictures is walking down the path of creation, hoping to share it with you. Todays animation keeps inspiring its viewers, and companies from a variety of industries are coming together to build a new form of animation culture. At the same time, this has brought a wealth of issues that have to be faced together, with the production pipeline becoming more fragmented and complex. The ever-relevant and steadfast production philosophy of Popcorn Pictures shows the way in an ever-changing industry, letting us continue pursuing partnerships through which we can grow together and produce great animation.

  • creative works
    Original characters with a vitality that transcends culture and nationality and stories you can relate to.
  • cooperative spirit
    Partnerships and collaborations based on trust and accountability form the foundation on which Popcorn Pictures can keep growing.
  • focus on quality
    High quality of animation is essential to the success of Popcorn Pictures. We are constantly conducting research in order to ensure only the best quality products.

Works we did

  • The Broccoli Expedition
    Ggomi the Green Bear and his friends depart on an expedition and discover the wisdoms of thet world.

    Tag along as Ggomi the Green Bear and his friends leave the Cloud Garden in order to find the Cloud Crocodile and meet a whole host of new friends. Working together with the animals they meet on the way, Ggomi and his friends are able to increase their understanding and solve difficult problems that stand in their way. Throughout the , our friends together realise that the world is a more beatiful place when you spend it together and not alone.

  • Fire Engine Ray
    There’s an accident underneath Jun’s bed!Team, let’s go!

    Ray the Small Fire Engine and his team, Amby, Rad, Beaon, Hazel and Helix, carefully inspect the children's surroundings to identify and prevent any accidents waiting to happen. Should there be an accident, they immediately come to the rescue. The three villains are always looking for an opportunity to cause trouble, but Captain Ray is ready to order his team to dispatch.

  • GEO MECHA beast guardian
    Can Taehoo and his friends save the world from Dr Tong, who wants to conquer the world with his giant robots and Sharkbot.

    The animal-loving boy Taehoo teams up with a lion who escaped from the zoo to save people and receives a job offer to work as a scout from the Geo Mecha Headquarters. Meet Geo Mecha, high tech robots with the wild nature and reflexes of animals and Beast Guardians, who partner up with Geo Mecha and bring out their true power!

Our Partners

Popcorn Pictures is committed to maintaining healthy and cooperative relationships with our partners. In order to ensure the high quality of our animation, strong collaboration with our partners is essential. We are always doing our best to anticipate and resolve any problems in order to produce only the highest quality animation.