Works we did

At Popcorn Pictures we produce both our own animation projects as well as animation for external projects. Popcorn Pictures is recognized for its production quality both domestically and abroad.

How we work

In order to create a 3D-animation, we have to go through many steps, from story creation to final editing, with the careful and thorough collaboration of the experts being absolutely essential for each step. It all starts with the creation of a story and a concept. Based on this idea, a script is written, followed by a storyboard in which the story and its on-screen presentation is more concretely envisioned. At the same time, character and background design is worked on, followed by 3D-modelling and animation, giving life to the character’s movements and facial expressions, and finally rendering, creating each frame. Each sequence is then finalised through editing and the addition of special effects, after which music, sound and voice acting is added to create the final product. Popcorn Pictures is a professional 3D animation studio that handles projects in-house from start to finish, without any outsourcing.