GEO MECHA Beast Guardian
지오메카 비스트가디언
High tech robots with the wild nature and reflexes of animals


GEO MECHA beast guardian
지오메카 비스트가디언

Can Taehoo and his friends save the world from Dr Tong, who wants to conquer the world with his giant robot and Sharkbot.


The animal-loving boy Taehoo teams up with a lion, who escaped from the zoo, to save people, and receives a job offer to work as a scout for the Geo Mecha Headquarters. Meet Geo Mecha, high tech robots with the wild nature and reflexes of animals and Beast Guardians, who partner up with Geo Mecha and bring out their true power! Taehoo meets Leokan, the Lion Geo Mecha, who won’t talk with just anyone, and becomes a Beast Guardian. Then there's the fussy Louie and the crocodile Geo Mecha Caiman, the strong and considerate Sukwoo and the rhinoceros Geo Mecha Nashorn and of course the mysterious girl Hera and Skyhawk, a three-piece flying Geo Mecha! Will Taehoo and his friends be able to defend the world from Dr Tong, who is trying to conquer the world with his giant robot and Sharkbot?

  • 3D CGI*(full hd)
  • 52 episodes
  • 11 min
  • Ages 5-7
  • Character

    Taehoo 태후

    Leokan! Let off a roar

    The Geo Mecha Leokan’s Beast Guardian partner. At his disposition he has the claws of a lion, lightning claws and also his speed. He’s a big joker and a bit restless, but when something needs doing, he gets it done. He was the last one to become a Beast Guardian, but he raises everyones spirits with his courageous spirit and actions and unwillingness to give up even in the most difficult of situations.

  • Character

    Leokhan 레오칸

    Someone will pay for the trouble they’ve caused! Taehoo, lets go!

    A high tech robot with the wild nature and reflexes of a lion. With strong sense of pride and a rough personality, he doesn't talk to anyone except Taehoo. When in Beast mode, he uses his sharp claws and excellent jumping capabilities, and in warrior mode he wields his lightning spear.

  • Character

    Louie 루이

    Do it like it? Caiman!

    The Geo Mecha Caiman's Beast Guardian Partner. At his disposal he has crocodile jaws and a variety of technology. He know's he looks good and considers himself better than others, but if you have to help others, it can't be helped. you gotta help. Over time, Louie matures as he acknowledges his own shortcomings and the merits of others.

  • Character

    Caiman 카이만

    Louie, I’m here now. I’ll have your back.

    A high tech robot with the wild nature and reflexes of a crocodile. He has an old-fashioned way of speaking and dreams of becoming a dragon in the future. When in beast mode, he attacks fiercely with his tail and shoots missiles from his mouth. When in Warrior mode, he’s like an armed soldier, freely using his bazooka and barrier to attack and defend.

  • Character

    Sukwoo 석우

    Nashorn, show me your powers!

    The Geo Mecha Nashorn’s Beast Guardian Partner. At his disposal he has the Rhino Horn, Wild Hammer Power and the power of strength! At first, he thought that he would have to keep an eye on Taehoo and Louie, but later he comes to see them as trustworthy colleagues. With his compassionate personality, he steps in to mediate when Taehoo and Louie are fighting, and is moved by the beauty of flowers and the sunset while on mission.

  • Character

    Nashorn 나스혼

    Hey, Sukwoo! Let’s show of my strength!

    A high-tech robot with the wild nature and reflexes of a Rhino. He has a simple and impatient demeanor, but can always be relied upon. Normally he's as solid as a mountain, but when he starts moving he's like a tempest. When in Beast Mode, he uses his full body weight to headbutt, and when in warrior mode, he transforms into a Wild Power Axe wielding Viking!

  • Character

    Hera 헤라

    3 parts combine, Sky Hawk!

    Hera is the nephew of Doctor Kang and the daughter of lieutenant Kang. She’s a young girl genius who supports the Beast Guardians from the GM headquarters. When there’s a crisis she heads out together with her Geo Mecha-partner Sky Hawk and topples down enemies with the Eagle Bow. Despite her sturdy personality, she also has a girly side, being unable to forget the boy she likes.

  • Character

    Skyhawk 스카이호크

    Cyclone kick!

    A combination robot made up of an Eagle, a Buffalo and a Shark. As Skyhawk is a Geo Mecha prototype, he cannot speak, and none of the separate robots can change into Warrior Mode. However, combining the three parts, Skyhawk possesses great power and can even fly. Skyhawk’s main weapon is his Crossbow, which shoots sky spears. He can also use his lethal Cyclone Kick.

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