용감한 소방차 레이
Accident under Jun’s bed! Team, let’s go!


Fire Engine Ray
용감한 소방차 레이

There are all kinds of dangerous hazards lurking in our everyday environment that are easy to pass by. Team, let’s go!


Roadside puddles after rain, detergents and bleach by the washing machine and small objects that can be swallowed by children, are all minor things to adults but pose potentially serious risks to children. Ray the small fire engine and his team carefully inspect the children's surroundings to identify and prevent any accidents waiting to happen. Should there be an accident, Ray and his team, Amby, Lad, Beacon, Pump, Hazel and Helix are always ready to dispatch and protect the children. The three villains are always looking for an opportunity to cause trouble, but Captain Ray is always ready to order his team to dispatch.

  • 3D CGI*(full hd)
  • 26 episodes
  • 15 min
  • Ages 4-6
  • Character

    Ray 레이

    An accident! Team, let’s go!

    A rational and decisive leader. He has all the knowledge needed to run the fire brigade and directs the crew in a firm but loving manner. He likes gardening, plants and flowers.

  • Character

    Amby 앰비

    Move, move! We have to treat the wounded quickly!

    The tomboy Amby just wants to get going. An ambitious team member and the most active of them all. Amby is equipped with various medical equipment and treats injured patients. She is envious of Hazel and how the other team members treat her.

  • Character

    Lad 래드

    Oh, an accident over there.

    With his calm demeanor, Lad gives advice on how to best solve the situation. He is equipped with a ladder, which can be used to enter tall buildings and rescue people. But in fact, he himself is afraid of heights.

  • Character

    Beacon 비콘

    Take a good look around to make sure that small accidents don’t turn into big ones.

    Beacon is very knowledgeable, a humble academic. He helps his team with his wide field of view. When the team is working at night, he provides light with his beacon. He can also make things and people smaller or larger with his and . With his calm demeanor, Lad suggests how to best solve the situation. He is equipped with a ladder, which can be used to enter tall buildings and rescue people. But in fact, he himself is afraid of heights.

  • Character

    Hazel 헤이즐

    Oh my, you can fix it right?

    Hazel is an emotional princess type, but when there’s been an accident, she’s the bravest of them all. She dispatches when there’s a fire that can’t be put out by water.

  • Character

    Pump 펌프

    I’ll take it from here! Leave it to me!

    A tough guy with a temper. When there’s an accident, he’s always the first to get going. Pump plays the most important role when it comes to fire fighting, spraying water on the fire. He’s afraid of the dark and four-footed animals.

  • Character

    Helix 헬릭스

    Everyone, listen to me, i’ve got some amazing news!

    Helix always has the latest news, and loves to chat. He’s keeps busy patrolling in order to prevent accidents and he gets annoyed if any of the other team members finds out about news before him.

  • Character

    Joon 준이

    No Mina, you can’t do that! Mom’s gonna get angry.

    He’s a bit reckless and makes a lot of mistakes, but he makes sure to protect his little sister and has a strong sense of responsibility.

  • Character

    Mina 미나

    Joon, what is this?

    A troublemaker who’s always causing accidents with her curiosity.

  • Character

    Gaston 개스톤

    Boss, Listen...uh...I forgot

    The most dimwitted, but hardworking villain. He never rests and is always moving around silently spying.

  • Character

    Pythan 파이탄

    If we just do like this, we can chase the humans out of the house.

    The boss of the villains, who is always looking for an opportunity to cause an accident. He’s constantly trying to chase the family out of the house, but always fails.

  • Character

    Sparky 스파키

    I can’t take it! I will have revenge! Ray!

    A mentally unstable and violent villain. If he gets really angry, not even Pythan can stop him.

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